Coffee from the highlands of Huehuetenango in Guatemala is not just a Slow Food Presidium: it's a sensational taste experience.

Huehuetenango Guatemala Specialty Blend

This is obtained from Coffea Arabica plants cultivated in the subtropical forests and high altitude pine forests of the region of Huehuetenango, in Guatemala, near the highest mountains of Central America. It is cultivated at altitudes up to 1900 meters because the higher the altitude, the better the quality of coffee. The harvesting is completely manual, the beans are left to dry naturally in the sun for 3 days. The result is a very sweet and intense coffee, incredibly rich in floral aromas and spicy notes.
Countries of origin of the raw beans: Non-volcanic mountain range in the Huehuetenango area of Central America.

100% Arabica.
Packs 250 g.

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