Coffee shop quality

Slow roastery


At Boutic, the time for a coffee is slow, expressly slow.
We take the right time starting from the bean selection, carefully choosing plantations and starting ventures with different coffee makers worldwide: from Asia to Central and South America passing through Africa

We take the time of each bean along the various steps of product processing, so that all the history and the character of coffee can express itself in a cup.

step 1
Bean selection

We blend different qualities of raw beans, following a proportion specifically designed to reach the right weave of mouthfeel and define the flavour profile of our blend.

step 2

We roast our coffee the old fashioned-way: with low temperature along a 20 minute cycle (unlike the usual 5/7 minutes of industrial roasteries).

step 3
the blend
comes to life

In this delicate roasting phase the beans release the oil particles that give birth to the blend and its unique taste.

step 4
control and harmonies of FLAVOUR

During the roasting curve human contribution can make a big difference:
by constantly checking the level of the flame we allow beans to better unleash the taste qualities, creating a warm and smooth coffee.

step 5

The time of a good coffee doesn’t end with roasting: for the best quality it is fundamental for the freshly roasted beans to rest 7 days within a silo and 7 days in a sack before being packed and tasted.


For coffee lovers and for the most refined palates, the specialty coffees are a guarantee of a unique and authentic sensory experience: traceability of plantations, craftsmanship, sustainability and decent working conditions are the trademark of our special selections.

Among gourmet coffees you can find superior single-origin, organic, fair trade coffees and from Slow Food presidia.

Each selection comes from plantations that are chosen because of their favourable conditions to develop a unique terroir: altitude, harvesting and drying techniques, the history of coffee is what defines its identity and flavour in every shade and scent.

our classic blend

The creation of a blend is an art resulting from years of experience and study of coffee. The different percentage of Robusta and Arabica lay down the symphony of taste, body, sweetness and acidity according to preferences and taste requirements.

The kick-start of morning coffee requires the boost of a stronger blend, but for sweetness lovers our winning-awarding blend “La dolcezza” is always the right treat at the right time.

No matter what you choose, you can always find the balance and the harmony of flavour that only a real Master of taste can create.