The original history of Boutic Caffè

masters of taste

the art of craft

Our historic art of coffee is an heritage from Sergio Negro that, during the beginning of the 50s, started working in Turin as apprentice roaster at a drugstore in Piazza Carlo Felice. From that point on, the history of Boutic Caffè is written along the flavoury trail of his successful career as coffee roaster.

In a sparkling and dedicated Turin, where good coffee was exclusively bought in small artisanal roasteries, Sergio sharpened his art and eventually started his own business.

The first roastery

Spurred and driven by the enthusiasm of the 60s economic boom, Sergio opened his first artisanal coffee roastery, Harrar, named after one of the most important coffee-producing regions in Ethiopia.

Along the decade the brand evolved and defined its character with the meaningful name Cita:on one hand it identified the piedmontese soul with the meaning ,“small”on the other hand it evoked the famous monkey Cita, Tarzan’s friend,making once again a tribute to the exotic origin of the raw material.

From boutique to Boutic

The economic boom of the 60s gave way to the oil crisis and the subsequent economic withdrawal and tough times started for artisanal roasteries too.

The need to stand out and show the unicity of the artisanal quality led to a final brand restyling with the name of Boutic Caffè. By turning the french boutique in its piedmontese version, Sergio found a nice gimmick to spare two letters on the neon sign while conveying the idea of a traditional local quality business.

A turn in the same direction

Since 2000 the name and the value of Boutic Caffè has been carried on by De Feo’s family. The same passion as Sergio, the love for a state of the art coffee is what drives Paolo in the choice of the finest coffee beans, along the slow roasting and in the tailor made services for each customer.

We are Boutic Caffè, The first artisanal slow espresso in Turin

a story in each bean

Coffee is a world that we started to discover time ago and we still haven’t got tired of exploring. Passion for great coffee, indeed, means constant research of taste and balance, through the selection of the plantations able to preserve the unique “terroir” of coffee and a careful study from which our proposal of assorted blends comes from.

Coffee becomes then a pleasure “played” among different blends, each one with the specific signature of taste of the belonging land, and it renews itself from time to time to accompany every moment of the most demanding palates. From full-bodied strong coffees to the delicate, fruity and floral aroma of single origin Arabica, each proposal represents a tale, a sensory journey that opens a window to the fascinating world of coffee.